Can Kids start a new business in the era of Technology?

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Earlier the business was the thing of grownups with a lot of expertise in public dealing and market demands.

But as the technology is picking up very fast the business creation and scaling has changed a lot. Now there are more fields and more ways of doing business and or being an Entrepreneur.

The technology and the Internet are enabling Younger people to establish their fully functional business.

Nowadays kids are more advanced than the previous generations. Their grasping power and learning abilities make them tech savvy very quickly.

There are kids who are creating apps and running coding communities. Kids getting viral on social media, becoming celebrities and creating successful cash inflow models (of course with the help of their parents and guardians).

There are kids who are showing good skills with the art and craft and making successful business models.

Why start early?

There are benefits of starting early. It is like you have started the race before everyone else and even you are doing anything part-time will add up and make to advance than those who aren’t doing anything. Even tiny experience is better than zero.

If your part-time is delivering you some cash inflow and you are financially backed by your parents, you can always save and even invest that extra cash which will make you more financially mature.

In due course of time, you can invest that money in your studies and higher education without looking for a loan. You may have less debt than your fellow students.

Entrepreneurship at an early stage also helps in giving a new perspective to your life and the society you live in.

You start identifying the passion and abilities along with the satisfaction that you are contributing to your society and making the world a better place. This new view will enable you to develop qualities like generosity, problem-solving attitude, more focus towards enhancing skills and less prone to time wasters.

This new focus will save you from all the bad habits and bad things which causes sufferings, negative pressure and depression. You may be more lively and enthusiastic because of the feeling that you are creating something meaningful.

How to start?

  1. Identify what you like the most.
  2. Start finding out the real you from inside.
  3. Discuss with elders, your parents, and mentors.
  4. Identify how you can start. Do everything under the supervision of Adults.
  5. Learn some skills and use the power of the internet.
  6. Ask for help as much as you want.
  7. Learn and Improve on the daily basis.
  8. Stay inspired.
  9. Read a lot.

Keep in mind.

Don’t push yourself too hard in the beginning. You are already ahead. You just need to get the advantage of young age (that extra time you have before starting an actual life in the society).

Start small and let it grow like a plant. Don’t compromise with the life and your young days. Don’t kick fun out of it. Focus on the education first and always stay healthy, safe and wise.

Note: This Blog is for Teenagers and Parents. Kids must consult with their parents before taking any action and under Parents/Guardians supervision.

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