About Brahmabeej

Imagine a beautiful world only designed for you!

How it would be if you can create by yourself.

A new generation with knowledge and skills.


We Believe

We believe in nature centric approach of Design through which we let grow and Evolve systems, solutions and products in an organic manner.

We like to do the contribution in making this Universe more beautiful with our Design Research, Innovative Products, Lifestyle Solutions and Knowledge Base.

Brahmabeej is focused on Design and Evolve principle with DNA of Research, Innovation, Design, Engineering & Development.


Our Evolution

We have started our journey as engineering solutions and branched out into products and design solutions, packaging and branding, UI and UX, content and course creation, digital presence, end to end solutions.



Art & Craft. Kitchen & Furniture. Bathroom Accessories. Medical Accessories.

Graphics & Branding. Process & Machines. Design Courses & Workshops. Robotics & Automation.

Planning & Implementation. Non-conventional. Noise & Vibrations. Food Processing & FNV. CAD & CAE. Mobility.


We are

Designer. Creative. Engineer. Technologist. Project Planner. Process & System Maker. Researcher. Innovator. Product Developer. Content Creator.


Future Scope

Design for Business. Design for Home. Design for Education. Design for Healthcare. Design for Environment. Design for Fun.

Ready for Design Evolution?

Let us help evolve your industry.